About me.


My name is Mark Holcomb and I am a photography enthusiast.

For most of my life I have owned cameras, but never used them. When I was younger it was an old Kodak Instamatic X-15. The camera worked fine. Well, the few times it had film in it, it worked fine. But that was the rub, it rarely had film in it. The same can be said for the Polaroids, the Disc Camera, and on and on. I just never could, or would, put much money into buying and developing film.

So when digital cameras started hitting the mainstream I was excited. Finally a chance to take pictures and not have to hassle with film. So I rushed out and got my hands on one, and it was a dog. With it’s 320×200 resolution and agonizingly slow transfer speeds from camera to PC it had serious limitations. But there was potential there. Already you were free from film and could take multiple images without throwing money away with each frame, and the early foundations of digital post processing were being laid.

As time moved forward so did camera and computer technology. Now we live in an age where the average camera in a cell phone is capable of pictures with 100 times more detail than those early digital cameras. Low end DSLR’s are taking images with nearly 400 times as much detail. Now we live in an age where you can edit your pictures in camera; or share them instantly via wireless and cellular technology.

It is an amazing time to be into photography.

Sadly, one thing I realized somewhere along the way though, was that while my cameras got better my pictures didn’t. I could see in my mind what I wanted the image to be; but lacked the skill to coax that image out of my camera. Since I could no longer blame the equipment; I had to turn the lens inward, so to speak, and start looking to improve myself if I wanted my images to ever match the vision in my minds eye.

Thus began a deeper exploration into the world of photography. What remains is to see where all it leads.